5 Days Bardia National Park Tour

This park is the largest and most untouched wilderness area in the Terai providing excellent habitat for most of the endangered spices of wildlife and birds. The park now covers an area of 968 sq km and is divided into several regions- each with their own diverse flora and fauna. It was only in 1994 that basic facilities existed for independent visitors. It has extensive and varied wildlife -all endangered rhinoceros, wild elephant, the Bengal tiger, swamp deer, black buck, gharial and mugger crocodile, Gangetic dolphin.


The Bardia National Park is one of Nepal’s finest tiger reserve and is best known as the home of Nepal tigers, but this beautiful park is also a black buck sanctuary as well as mixture of contrasting geographical zones comprising parts of Nepal’s southwestern plains, churia hill and inner valleys with tropical dry and deciduous forests which are dominated by hardwood sal, grassland, and riverine forests featuring gigantic simal trees.

The park and its adjacent areas are famous regions to provide an excellent wilderness experience for visitors/wildlife researcher as well as important attractions indigenous culture of the buffer zone are. The park supports a variety of vegetations which makes it the ideal habitat not only for the tiger but other predators and ungulates too. It also consists of numerous ecosystems, equally rich in flora and fauna.

The topography of the park is quite diverse with floodplains, river valleys and gorges, and the Churia hills. The park’s northern boundary is the crest of the churia range, which is well above 1219 m. The highest elevation is 1441 m at Sukramala and the lowest elevation is 152 m. ( Manau Ghat ) in the south.

The Karnali and Babai rivers are perennial river systems that flow through the park. The eastern branch of the Karnali forms the western boundary of the park whereas Babai river drains the park in the northeastern sector. Orai River and Gumnaha Nala and Ambassa khola drain the park area between Karnali and Babai rivers. Maan Khola, Karolia Nala, and many other seasonal nasals drain the southern face of the Churia between Babai and eastern border of the park.

Its attractions are not only its varied animals and birdlife but also its immense natural beauty. In terms of variety and wildlife, the park is one of the best national parks in Nepal and the world.

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